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Court Representation

What Does Court Representation Involve?

  • Examination and analysis of the evidence in your case
  • Appearance at procedural hearings
  • Correspondence with the Crown throughout the preparation of your case
  • Preparation and presentation of your defence at a trial

When the Crown initiates a criminal case, it is likely that they will provide you with a charge sheet or a copy complaint. These will detail the charges against you and will often include a summary of the evidence in your case. Once you have instructed us to act on your behalf in the case, we will contact the Procurator Fiscal and ask them to provide us with the evidence they have described and anything else which they gather. We will proceed to analyse the evidence and evaluate the Crown's case. During this time, we will also have to correspond with the Crown about the disclosure of evidence to ensure that everything mentioned is provided to us. We will then attend procedural hearings leading up to a trial (should this stage be reached) and ensure that the Crown are following the appropriate procedural rules. Finally, we will appear on your behalf and present your defence at a trial.