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Warrant Checks

Important Things to Know About Warrants

  • If a warrant is granted against you, the police will actively seek to arrest you. If they can't find you at your home address, they will sometimes attempt to find you by going to the homes of your family members.If you arent sure whether a warrant is out against you, contact us as soon as possible and we will perform a free warrant check for you.

  • If a warrant is granted against you for failing to appear, it is possible for sometimes called an invitation diet to be set. If you get an invitation diet, it means that you won't be arrested; instead, you will be able to attend court at a set date and answer the warrant yourself. If you think you might have a warrant for failing to attend court, contact our solicitors and we will attempt to have you invited to court instead of being arrested.

What is a Warrant?

A warrant is something granted by a Sheriff for your arrest. It means that even if you have done nothing wrong and have no reason to expect a warrant to have been granted, the police have the power to arrest you. Moreover, the police will likely actively seek to arrest you by attending at your property and often those of your family members.

A warrant can be granted for a number of reasons, but whatever the reason, the outcome is always that the police have the Court's persmission to do something, whether it is arrest you, search you, or to cite you to attend court. If the police have permission to arrest you, they will attempt to find you to execute that warrant.

Why Should You Have a Warrant Check Done?

The worst thing that can happen when a warrant is granted for your arrest is that the warrant is granted and executed without you ever becoming aware of the its existence. For this reason it is crucial that a solicitor performs periodic warrant checks to ensure that, if one is ever granted against you, you become aware of it as soon as possible. Most improtantly, you should ensure that a solicitors performs warrant checks for you if you have been involved in an incident which could potentially give rise to a criminal case.

How are Warrant Checks Carried Out?

If you believe that a warrant might be live against you, whether it is as a result of your non-payment of a court-imposed fine, if you have been charged and it is believed that you should be brought before a court or remanded, or because you have not appeared at court when you have been cited to do so, the best thing you can do is to check whether or not this warrant does in fact exist.

If you wish to have a check for live warrants done, all you need to do is contact our offices either by phone, email, or by attending yourself, and we will take the necessary details. Thereafter, we will contact the police directly by fax and they will respond, usually within one week. Their response will detail the warrants you have live against you and what type they are.

If the Police respond to us stating that there are no warrants currently live against you, we will notify you of this but continue to perform periodic checks to ensure that this remains the case. If it does end up being the case that a warrant is granted, we will inform you right away and explain to you the type of warrant and what you should do next.